Online client-intake and Document-Assembly Platform for Attorneys

Planet X Law is a secure, cloud-based solution that helps attorneys automate client intake and automatically assemble all of their legal forms and documents (PDF and Word).

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The easy way to automate client intake forms and court documents

PlanetXLaw is an online, legal document platform providing automated “Virtual Paralegal” services to help lawyers profitably and affordably deliver all of their legal services to their clients. PlanetXLaw automates your own firms’ client-intake process and the assembly of all your legal documents (cover letters, pleadings, court-forms, etc). We do this by: 1) converting your intake forms to web-based, securely-protected intake forms that your clients can log-in and complete; 2) saving all of your firm, client, attorney, and matter data into a secure, encrypted, Amazon-hosted database; and 3) automatically-populating all of your legal documents — both PDFs and Word documents. For Michigan clients, we also pre-populate 60 of the most common legal services with how-to guides, intake forms, and output documents and court forms. The result: serve more clients, more quickly, more profitably, and with fewer errors.

Each Service Includes

Online Intake

Both online and offline versions – get all the information you need up-front, the first time.

Data Re-use

Re-use all of your firm, client, matter, attorney, and other data collected from your firm and from the online client intake forms. The more intake-information you capture, the easier it is to generate other legal documents later for your additional services provided to that client.


We take every legal document and court form you need, automate them, and keep them updated for you. Using your firm data, client data, and matter data, we automatically populate every document. Every document — both Word docs and PDF docs — are completely editable by you so you can make any desired changes and then print to PDF before sharing with your client.

Regular Updates

Each subscription includes unlimited updates to your intake forms and legal documents. Court-form changed? We will update it for you. Want to capture more information on your intake forms? No problem! New clauses to add to your pleadings? We’ve got you covered!

Word Docs

Every Word doc you need for the service, including cover letters to court and opposing party, pleading templates, affidavits, etc.

Data Storage

Enter data once; store it forever. Firm, client, case, and service information is securely stored online for re-use on future services. 

Court Form PDFs

Every court or state form you need for the service, including Proofs of Mailing, Summons & Complaint, Verified Statements, Incorporation PDFs, and more.


We take all of your custom intake forms and custom output legal documents (Cover letters, pleadings, court-forms, etc) and automate them online, for easy client-intake and automatic document-assembly and population.

Built For Attorneys Throughout the World

Save Time

How much time would you save if you could cost-effectively automate Paralegal services?

Eliminate time spent learning/relearning court processes, creating/getting all necessary docs for a legal service, gathering client-intake, and filling out all of those docs. Let PlanetXLaw software do the work for your firm.

Lower your cost

Wish you could afford a Paralegal who could efficiently collect client information, had the knowledge to process your custom legal services, and to create all the documents including cover letters, pleadings, and court forms for those services?

PlanetXLaw will save you money by automating your client-intake and document-population activities. Save hours of time, reduce errors, speed turnaround of your legal documents, make more money through improved customer service.

For Michigan clients, we also pre-populated 60 of the most common legal services — online intake forms, hundreds of pleading templates, cover letters, and court-forms, and how-to Guides.

Serve more clients

How many times do you say “No” to clients who would like to pay you for common legal services, but you just don’t feel competent to handle those types of matters in a profitable and affordable way? You are losing clients and losing money!

Say “Yes” more often and serve more clients with PlanetXLaw. With PlanetXLaw, you can expand your service offerings using our software with all of your custom legal services built right in. For Michigan customers, we also provide 60 of the most common legal services built right in — how-to guides, intake forms, client database, every legal doc and form you need. Then utilize our support staff to manage your increased clients and cases!

See How It Works


See How It Works


“PlanetXLaw has helped my practice to become more efficient and profitable. There is no other software that enabled me to prepare court pleadings so easily.”

Chelsea M. Rebeck, CPA, CFE, JD, LLM


“With Planet X Law, our law firm is now able to profitably serve low-and middle-income clients.”

Bert “Tiger” Whitehead, MBA, Esq.
President, Access Legal Care


Digital Paralegal Software and Back-Office Support Services — what you need, when you need it, at prices you can afford.


Unlimited Uses
  • 16 FREE services
  • $39/use premium services
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited documents
  • Utilize templates
  • Store firm data
  • Store client data
  • Store case data
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Single User
  • Unlimited services
  • Single user
  • Unlimited documents
  • Utilize templates
  • Store firm data
  • Store client data
  • Store case data
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Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited services
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited documents
  • Utilize templates
  • Store firm data
  • Store client data
  • Store case data
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All plans include:

  • Unlimited access to custom legal documents and court-forms for 55 most common legal services
  • Utilize online intake forms and an automated document assembler to save time
  • Store firm data, client data, and case data for future re-use when running new services
  • Serve more clients in more areas with comprehensive knowledge base
  • Save time and money, increase customer service with our back-office support services.